BoHo Gal is a brand inspired and derived from different cultures and ideals from around the globe. We wanted to create a platform to introduce pieces that have cultural relevance and significance. Its not just jewelry, its jewelry that embodies style, individuality, authenticity but also history. It was important to honor these traditions.

We are very particular in our process to find and acknowledge the true artisans where our beads and components originate. It is very important to support these cultures, artists, tribes and creatives.   

Here at BoHo Gal we design pieces for women who are not afraid to be themselves. She wears whats different and reflective of her experiences to new things in life and her travels.  She makes it her own and exudes it confidently.

When you shop BoHo Gal, we hope you see the love, care and even our imperfections. More importantly we hope it inspires you and that you learn something about the world from our designs.