Boho Gal Jewelry

Hunab Ku Charm Necklace

$ 24

The Hunab Ku is believed to be ancient Mayan symbol which is a center feature in their sacred wheels of time or calendar systems. There are also theories the symbol may belong to the ancient Aztecs. 

The symbol is a vital cornerstone into understanding the cycles of life (and also the core feature to understanding Mayan myths).

The Hunab Ku symbol translates to mean: “One Giver of Movement and Measure” or “The One Source of Energy.” With this kind of powerful concentration of energy, the Hunab Ku is also a symbolic representation of god; the one god, or the high god among the Mayans

Length is 24 inches, over the head necklace
Charm is about .5 inches in size
Material is Brass Metal
Made in our studio in Atlanta


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