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Tibetan Singing Bowl

$ 100

The diameter on this solid hammered brass is 6".

Tibetan singing bowls not only look great, but they also have many amazing healing and transformative properties. 

Holding a singing bowl in the palm of your hand and using a wooden mallet or ‘striker’ in the other hand as if you are holding a pen, by gently and slowly going around the edge of the bowl with the mallet in a clockwise direction, the bowl will start to ‘sing.’ As you hear the wonderful tone and feel the bowl vibrate, you will become more conscious of your breathing and feel more relaxed. This calming sound coupled with your breathing can help to release tension and promote a wonderful sense of calm and relaxation. Here are 6 benefits of using a singing bowl.

  1. Promotes deep relaxation.
  2. Reduces stress and anxiety.
  3. Chakra balancing.
  4. Aid the immure system 
  5. Help you 'get in the zone'.
  6. improve circulation and blood flow.

I really hope that you include a singing bowl in your daily ritual. I wish I had discovered singing bowls and their many benefits years ago.

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