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Mystic Rebel Crystal Deck

$ 45

The Mystic Rebel Crystal Deck is a 45 card oracle deck, designed to help you hear the wise whispers of Earth’s messages.  Made with tender love and care, these are dedicated to the rock-loving, witchy sisters and badass mystic chicks here to “rock” the world through their intuitive senses.

Each Deck Features: 

 45 captivating cards with customized artwork divinely designed by Kristin Dunreath Harris. With breathtaking custom watercolor artwork, these cards not only beguile the eyes, they are embedded with the healing power and energy of the stones they represent.

 A 63-Page Guidebook that covers everything about how the cards work, how to do readings for yourself and others, the deeper message and meaning of each card, and how to properly care for your deck. Basically, it’s PACKED with celestial sweetness to help you navigate the process of intuitive readings!

 Finishes fit for a Cosmic Queen! To really make this deck fit for a galactic goddess like yourself, each deck features luxe gilded edges and dazzling metallic touches.

 Two-piece kick ass keepsake hard box with metallic touches and foil  finishes.

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