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*SALE* Kemba Tumeric Sea Glass Necklace

$ 50

For thousands of years, symbols have told stories and have also served as a method to gain power over the forces and the phenomena which effect a society or a person. The inverted crescent pendant on squash-blossom necklaces, called the 'Naja' by the Navajo,  is found in various design forms throughout the world cultures.

According to the Navajo, the symbol of the Naja is decorative, and serves no purpose either as a spiritual symbol or as a specific symbol.  Yet, the Naja is held in very high esteem by the Navajo as well as other peoples. 

Today, these necklaces continue to develop past the traditional silver and turquoise elements and are moving into brass, beads and other materials of interest and great beauty.

This is my Ode to the Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace.

    • Our #1 Best seller 
    • Sea Glass accented with African Trade Beads
    • Leather Adjustable Necklaces
    • Length: 40 inches
    • Handmade in our Atlanta studio
    • available in 2 colors

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