Farah Moonstone Bangle
Farah Moonstone Bangle
Farah Moonstone Bangle

Farah Moonstone Bangle

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Crafted with exquisite detail, this bangle features a mesmerizing moonstone centerpiece, radiating ethereal beauty and spiritual energy.

The moonstone is revered for its connection to the moon and its ability to enhance intuition and promote emotional balance. Wear the Farah Bangle as a talisman to guide you through life's phases with grace and clarity.

Styling ideas: Embrace the timeless elegance of the Farah Moonstone Bangle by incorporating it into both casual and formal ensembles. For a bohemian-inspired look, stack it with other bangles and bracelets for a layered effect, paired with a flowing maxi dress and sandals. For a more polished look, wear it solo as a statement piece alongside a tailored blazer and trousers.

Whether you're embracing your inner goddess or adding a touch of mystique to your everyday style, the Farah Moonstone Bangle is sure to become a cherished addition to your jewelry collection.

*Only one bangle per listing. NOT SOLD IN SETS



-Handmade in India 



I got mine a few days ago and they're my favorite ! So beautiful and I've gotten many compliments.

Los Angeles, CA

I've ordered many things from this company including hoops, a ring, those bracelets, and necklaces-I wear pieces daily and love them.

Meisha Cook

I just received mine today! LOVE them. The packaging is so appealing.

Maisha Davis

I want to thank you @shopbohogal I love my bracelets and the arrival time was amazing.

Latashia Clark

Just received my Divine Chakra Necklace, I am so in love. So beautiful in person and lightweight. Will be ordering again soon.

Jennifer D
Dallas, TX

The jewelry is so unique and beautiful. I want everything.

Candace B
Atlanta, GA

I wear my jewels everyday. I take them off only to bathe.

Ginni, M
Richmond, VA

The jewels arrived packaged beautifully. Every piece is Exquisite.

Tonya Mitchell

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