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Arc Cross Necklace

$ 45

The Arc Taureg Cross derived from the Egyptian Ankh symbol. It is evident the presence of two elements, which can be linked to a stylized depiction of a man and a woman. They are talismans that protect from the evil eye. 

There are 21 different models of native Tuareg Cross. Each of these crosses symbolizes a tribe / city Tuareg and thus allows to identify the origin of man or woman who wear it.

This Tuareg is made by artisans in Niger using the technique of lost form the first step is to modeling wax replica of the cross coarse. Form which is then covered with clay and then baked in a fire fanned by the bellows leather qu'actionne an apprentice. The temperature liquefied wax which escapes through one end, thereby releasing a mold hollow clay wherein the silver is cast. After cooling, the artisan breaks the mold of clay to remove the cross gross. This is by filing and chiseling length he finishes the famous cross of Agadez. The Tuareg necklaces and earrings and other jewelry all Tuareg are generally manufactured by the same techniques.

  • Length is 32 inches 
  • The Taureg is about 5 inches
  • Brass Metal 
  • Over the head Chain 

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