Selenite Massage Wands
Selenite Massage Wands
Selenite Massage Wands

Selenite Massage Wands

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The Selenite healing massage wand is an essential crystal for any crystal collection. Mined and polished in Morocco, this Selenite wand will assist you with stress relief, protection from negative energy, and can help activate your crown chakra.

A natural selenite stick is a crystal tool that can be used for energy cleansing, meditation, protection, healing and more.

How to use:

1. Meditation: Hold a selenite wand in each hand and let this calming stone install deep peace.

2. Cleanse and recharge your crystal jewelry using your Selenite wand

3. Place a Selenite wand near your bed or under your pillow when you are suffering from sleeping disorder.

4. Hold it during relaxation to help you reset after a long day, it will give you the energy boost you need.

5. Placed on tensioned areas and gently massage them, Selenite wands can help to remove energy blocks in the body




I got mine a few days ago and they're my favorite ! So beautiful and I've gotten many compliments.

Los Angeles, CA

I've ordered many things from this company including hoops, a ring, those bracelets, and necklaces-I wear pieces daily and love them.

Meisha Cook

I just received mine today! LOVE them. The packaging is so appealing.

Maisha Davis

I want to thank you @shopbohogal I love my bracelets and the arrival time was amazing.

Latashia Clark

Just received my Divine Chakra Necklace, I am so in love. So beautiful in person and lightweight. Will be ordering again soon.

Jennifer D
Dallas, TX

The jewelry is so unique and beautiful. I want everything.

Candace B
Atlanta, GA

I wear my jewels everyday. I take them off only to bathe.

Ginni, M
Richmond, VA

The jewels arrived packaged beautifully. Every piece is Exquisite.

Tonya Mitchell

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