Boho Gal Jewelry

Just for you care Package

$ 45

Give her the gift of sweet smells and good energy.

Among the flowers Rose petal body oil A rose petal infused blend of premium oils. Coconut oil is the primary oil- a soothing, deeply replenishing oil for day use or night. The intoxicating aromatics of pure Bulgarian rose absolute have stress lifting benefits as well as a host of nutrients for skin. A perfume, an oil... both.

Enchanting solid brass petal shaped incense burner Perfect addition to your home or alter.

Ancient Resin Frankincenses its a prized incense that has been ceremonially used since ancient times throughout the Middle east and Asia. It is calming, renewing and spiritually elevating.

Boho Gal Aria Black Beaded bracelet three layered of black and brass beads. Adjustable, one size fits all. Handmade in Indian by local artisans.

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