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Carved Afghani Coin Necklace

$ 20

This is a beautiful vintage-style Necklace with metal coins Afghanistan. Accented with a Malachite Triangle stone setting. It was handcrafted by the tribal people of the North-Western area of Afghanistan.

Besides the beauty of these Vintage pieces, they hold a vast amount of heritage and culture.

These rare Jewels of the east are hand crafted but the nomadic tribes (Avizeh). They represent culture, heritage and history.  

Don't be scared to adorn your bodies with these beauty.  These are jewels meant for a Goddess. Set you set apart from the rest.  Try one of these amazing pieces.

This necklace is made on a 32" beaded Vintage chain. The Chain is brass adding to a mix metal look. We also a 18" chain option for a close to the neck look.

Selected for you in our Atlanta studio.


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