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Raka Tuareg Cross

$ 45

Beautiful large Tuareg pendant. A symbol of good luck and protection.

The Cross of Agadez is the most famous among the 21 emblems of the Tuareg - 21 different designs, each representing a specific nomadic enclave of Niger. One interpretation among many of the cross design is a representation of the Four Corners of the Earth - a metaphysical and spiritual compass for a people who are always on the move. 

The markings and geometrical design of Tuareg crosses and Tuareg jewelry in general translates into protective symbolism. "God is the center of the universe, we are one with God" and "no matter where you go God and I shall always be with you and protect you" are common Saharan interpretations.

Tuareg parents are known to give these exquisite silver crosses to their children when they are about to depart from home but they are worn by all as a form of good luck and protection.

Length is 32"

Pendant is about 5.5 inches.



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